I consider myself fortunate to be born an Indian. Among various other reasons, it is the fact that I do not miss out on movies like Gunda, Loha, Aap ka Suroor, Jimmy and the recently released Karzzzzzz (or is it Karzzzz). For the idealistic people, yes I went to a theater to see it; for others, here is the movie.

Some interesting facts about the movie :

1. This has to be the winner. Kamini obviously doesn’t seem to accept the fact that Monkey (Himesh Reshammiya as Monty = Monkey …. or Maa Ki) is the reincarnation of her husband. She challenges him to tell something that only her husband would know of. And Monkey goes :

Jab tum kiss karti ho, to apni aankhen band karti ho.

What the @#$@#$@#$@ !!!!

2. Even in the movie, Monkey plagiarises the song Ek Hasina Thi and struts around as though it was his original composition. Just the fact that the song has more than 4 notes proves that he hasn’t composed it.

3. He claims that the above song is his first song without a nasal voice (Link). Does he even know what we are talking about ?

4. Monkey seems to get hallucinations when he plays “high notes on the guitar” (that is how the Ek Hasina piece is described). Yet when asked to replay that tune, he starts off with string number 6 !!! And doesn’t go beyond the 2nd fret !!!!

5. There is this ultra-magnetic temple (which for no reason is located in some random remote place) which has this tendency to attract planes that hover around it causing them to ultimately crash.

6. For some random reason Princess Kamini doesn’t age at all even though she is mathematically supposed to be around 50 !

7. There is a farmhand (who again for some random reason looks like Subhash Ghai, the maker of the original Karz) who plays an instrument, which has some netherworldly accoustic making it perfectly audible for a few kilometers !

8. Why would a mother cry so much at the loss of someone like Dino Morea ??? At the maximum, she should have prayed for a better actor as her reincarnated son. And even that is not fulfilled; all she gets is Monkey ! I cannot help but pity the mother and comdemn the goddess for her lack of sensitivity.

9. The villian Gulshan Grover doesn’t speak, just punches in some random musical notes in his robotic arm, while his sidekick understands it perfectly. Maybe his sidekick was an alien in Koi Mil Gaya.

10. And of course lastly, Danny Dengonzpa, in the most annoying role of his entire career, starts to reveal a backstory which he had supposedly ‘hidden from the heroine to this day’. Yet in the flashback, he is standing holding her ! (Oh and going to the villian’s home and threatening them, not very wise thinking. It is only in the movies that you are let go alive.)

Update : Greatbong is out with his review : http://greatbong.net/2008/10/22/karzzz-the-reviewwww/