The long wait is over. Sen. Barack Obama is the President elect of the USA. Not just another victory, but a victory where he rethought and thereby redefined everything on the way : the groundwork, campaigning, fund raising, speaking, planning. Politics in America can no longer be the same.

As a side note, the campaign also taught us plenty :

As Son of Bosey states, millions of people all over the world and thousands of clueless Indians are delighted with Obama’s win (true for many in the USA too).

Indians expect more from the President of USA than we do from our own Prime Minister.

In India, we will be have to put up with hundred articles on every remote association that Barack Obama has with India/Indians.

Oxford has decided to retire the word ‘maverick’ from English forever.

Plumbers have gone underground out of shame.

Ditto for Joe’s.

Miss South Carolina is glad she is smarter than someone.

Russia has gone back to its original lcoation, and can no longer be seen from Alaska. And Africa is back to being a continent.

Tina Fey, late night comedians and Fox news are looking out for alternate occupations.