We had just finished fighting terorism through online petitions and “Say NO to terrorism” forums. Then we started an online petition to switch off our mobiles because someone said Narendra Modi should be the Prime Minister.


We had just returned home tired and hungry after a hard day, when we saw that Sachin Tendulkar was at number 26 in the ICC test rankings. Blasphemy !!  So here we go again. The Times of India is of course doing its bit (yeah Deepika is also mentioned there, but can we please focus for now).

I propose starting an online petition against the ICC and a boycott of the official website of the ICC, which by the way has been beautifully designed and has some real candid snaps of some cricketers and Bollywood actresses : Link

Well that was a catch. You weren’t supposed to click on it !

In fact, I propose a ban on people finding out the ratings system that was used to rank the players in that evil list. Oh wait, I hear that is already in effect.

I was so angry with all this that I ventured out on the streets to burn an effigy of the ICC, when I realised I did not know how the ICC looked like.

The MNS is with me in this fight; they are actively scouting for ICC comedians in India.

Meanwhile, Anbumani Ramadoss who has been concerned about the anxiety and stress that such pieces of news cause has proposed a ban on cricketing news being shown on TV. And his son was once hurt in an a street fight over whether he was out or not out, so he plans to seek another ban on cricket being played by more than one person.

Being a rational thinker, I also want to present the other side of the argument which is the wrong side. There are some un-Indian people (like Onkar W) who are trying to make sense out of the whole situation :

The ICC page states what the list is about, The ratings shown are the highest points totals these players have attained and no player is allowed to appear on the list more than once. In other words, it tries to identify which player’s most purple patch was more purple than others’. If that wasn’t simple enough, it tries to rank the most prolific run scoring times of a player, not the players themselves, with the condition that no player can appear more than once. It works over a sliding window, with more recent performances getting significance and performances going out of the window getting less weightage.

Traitors !

So let us unite. If you are with me in this fight, let us show solidarity towards our players and vent out our anger against the ICC by boycotting the use of bats for one day. This day we will not use our bats to play cricket, to beat up people or break windows of western shops like McDonalds and Hallmark. This historic day will be the 29th of next month.

P.S. : Read Disclaimer. And on the subject of online petitions, a good satire here by Gaurav S.

Thanks : Nachiket for correcting the link to the ICC list.