The Hindu reports :

Hindu Jagran Manch and other Hindu organisations have objected to allotment of “elephant ” as an election symbol to any political party and have urged the Election Commission to withdraw it. 

Why, an ignorant non-practising Hindu may ask.

“Hindus rever elephant as Lord Ganesha and its use in election provides scope to political parties to use it for sloganeering and its akin to degrading the god thereby hurting the religious sentiments of Hindus, Misra said.

In view of the forthcoming elections, allow me to analyse the election symbols of the major political parties to help make them controversy-free :

Elephant (Bahujan Samaj Party) : Offensive to Hindus, unless it is not referring to the animal but the party leader.

Lotus (BJP) : Offensive to all politicians … err .. make that all fools (phools).

Hammer, sickle, star and pickle (Communist Party of India, Marxist) : Who cares about them ? No one even noticed that I added a pickle there.

Clock (NCP) : Offensive to all Indians. We don’t run by some western instrument, we listen to our heart (which normally runs 15 minutes later than the clock).

and lastly, 

Hand (Congress) : Offensive to all single, unmarried guys.