Arun Simha mailed this yet another case of newspapers lacking not just ethics in copying photographs, but also indulging in bad-taste editing and pathetic photoshopping.

A blogger who goes by the moniker White Indian House-wife had posted a pic of her in an autorickshaw a few days earlier. This is the snap :

Sakal, the Marathi newspaper, didn’t just copy the photograph. They edited her face to look like Katrina Kaif. Worse still, it was hideous photoshopping. Here is the image :

Here is the e-paper article.

Sakal is not known for high standards of journalism, although my Marathi friends swear by it. But this is just plain silly, and illegal. I hope they’re brought to book.

In case you didn’t get the title, Sakal and Sandhyanand are Marathi newspapers. Sandhyanand is the equivalent of The Onion — only, they don’t openly say their news is fake.

Images courtesy WhiteIndianHousewife.