I love South Park for many reasons — I tend to agree with their social commentary, they are equal opportunity offenders when it comes to conservatives and liberals, they don’t shy away from calling celebrities like Michael Jackson (irrespective of whether they are dead or alive).

Yesterday’s episode was a gem, though. Watch it if social networking forms a large part of your life.

The reason I liked it could be confirmation bias on my part, because I do not like social networking. (I am on Twitter, but I don’t ‘social network’ there.)

On a different note, here is some food for thought :

Do you like to be different ? If no, you’re good; you can ignore the rest. If yes, do you want others to be unlike you as that would reduce your uniqueness ? Do you reinforce the fact to your mind, that others are different — and alike ?

Is happiness a comparative state of mind ? To elaborate :

If everyone in the world was happy, would everyone be happy ? Because the value of happiness would go down as it becomes commonplace.

If everyone is extremely happy around you and you find a reason to be slightly happy, would you be slightly happy, or sad, because of the comparative happiness hypothesis.

I don’t want to reveal my answers to the above questions, but I do think happiness is comparative. Although, taking the concept further, it would mean that the idea of a world where everyone is happy is not possible. Not for practical constraints, but for the nature of happiness.