If you follow technology and gadget blogs, it becomes clear very soon that they don’t know what they’re talking about. Bloggers masquerading as journalists is one of my pet-peeves. (But non-singers pretending to be singers remain at the top, just for the record.) Most technology blogs are just that : blogs. The more respected of the lot, such as Wired, are good but extremely inconsistent in fair and correct analysis. At the end, it seems like they want to cater to the fan-base of a particular company, or the hater-base of another company, or all combinations in between.

I recently discovered Daring Fireball, authored by John Gruber. It has fast become one of my favourites, even though it isn’t as frequent and comprehensive as others. Have a look. It is crisp, fierce and exactly what the title suggests. And it is one of the best places in the internet for information related to the most secretive company of the world.