There were 2 tragic accidents in the mountains of U.S. recently.

The first was on the summit of Mount St. Helens, when the ice beneath a hiker gave way and he plunged about 1500 ft. into the crater. He had summited the peak 68 times previously, that was the 69th climb.

The second was on Mt. Shasta. A hiker collapsed after summitting — at close to 14,000 ft — just when a storm was coming in. His partner couldn’t revive him, and descended to gather assistance.

In both incidents, bad weather caused the rescue effort to be delayed by more than a day. In both, the hikers were known to be alive when the news spread. In both incidents, we were following the news of the rescue effort closely only to find later that they couldn’t be saved.

A kin of Joseph Bohlig, the hiker who perished on Mount St. Helens, said : He died doing what he loved the most.