In the second case in Canada recently, a woman wearing a burqa was expelled from class :

A 25-year-old Indian-origin woman was expelled from her government French class near Montreal on March 12 due to her religious face veil. According to reports, Aisha, whose face was hidden by the veil, was pulled out of her class and told to unveil or leave the course.

I hope Canada isn’t going the French way. Although I oppose what the burqa represents on a personal level, I think it is incorrect for any government to ban it : If under the grab of progressivism and tolerance, it is only ironic.

Ideally, I’d like a government to just make sure no one is forced to wear the burqa, as that would infringe their liberty. The problem with a government itself issuing any kind of ban is that there is no one to oversee its validity. I’d rather a government not involve itself in bans and merely be the overseer of rights.