I have said previously that most tech websites have no clue what they’re talking about — none more than TechCrunch, the technology tabloid.

They recently posted this video of MySpace VP Dani Dudeck, who refused a video interview. It has Michael Arrington, the editor of TechCrunch coaxing her to talk while she just gives a smile — which was rather cute, may I add.

A few days ago, when Twitter announced a new feature Promoted Tweets, they ran a full length piece with a headline :

“Promoted Tweets” Not Resonating Well On Twitter

How did they find that ‘76% of tweets about Promoted Tweets’ were negative ? They used Twitter Sentiment, that analyzes search strings on Twitter and the sentiments associated with them.

The only hitch here — they ran the piece based on 14 tweets !

I was told of this by Richa B, a colleague at Stanford who co-developed Twitter Sentiment.