This was the response to IPL matches being moved out of Bangalore :

“We had provided full security to the match on Saturday and assure that all security measures needed for the semi-finals will be provided,” Yeddyurappa said.

“The government will not allow anyone to disturb peace in Bangalore,” he added.

Ahead of the meeting, Bidari described as “unfair” the IPL decision to move the semi-finals to Navi Mumbai.

The decision has been taken on “baseless and false presumption”, he said in a statement.

“If they don’t revise the decision to shift, I am afraid the BCCI will be committing a serious mistake and will be besmirching the fair name of a secure city like Bangalore,” Bidari said.

“We will take full and complete responsibility for the security,” Bidari said.

Those are gutsy statements, enough to make terrorists rethink their plans, if any.

Except for the teeny-tiny fact : There was an explosion in Bangalore just a couple of days earlier.