I know it is pointless to nitpick with tabloids, but Mumbai Mirror has comfortably crossed the line.

While everyone and their pets were busy following the Lalit Modi/Shashi Tharoor fight, little was known about Sunanda Pushkar, the marketing professional from Dubai who Tharoor is alleged to be seeing. Mumbai Mirror dug up Pushkar’s visit to Mumbai for a nose job, and managed to procure photos of the surgery. These snaps should ideally have been off-limits under doctor-patient confidentiality. The piece in Mumbai Mirror was in bad taste, no doubt, but the doctor deserves equal blame for making the snaps public.

I don’t know how serious doctor-patient confidentiality is in India — but regardless, does she decide to sue the tabloid,  her complaint has legal merit.

P.S. : I haven’t hyper-linked as always. The post would seem silly if I shared the link too.