Like, duh !

Remember the case where an author was dragged to court for using the word ghati in his book? The book where the word was used by a fictional character? The same case which I thought I wrote about but now cannot trace?

Well, the court threw it out.

Justice V M Kanade, himself a Maharashtrian, seemed to agree with the author. “Ghati is common slang word. For every community there are such words,” the judge observed.

“There are many such words for Parsis, but they don’t mind it. The unfortunate part is that our tolerance level has gone down,” Justice Kanade said.

Well, something there for freedom of expression, now that M.F. Hussain won’t paint nudes in India.


Had Pu. La. Deshpande been around, I wonder if he too would’ve been dragged to court for the use of ghati in one of his essays.