Last week was the 200th episode of South Park, and it was worthy of the milestone.

The plot was clever in its satire : It revolved around antagonists (celebrities previously ridiculed on South Park) wanting a glimpse of Prophet Muhammad. The best scene of the episode — and one of the best of the series — was where Buddha snorted coke, but Muhammad’s form showed a Censored tag. Superb.

Eventually, Muhammad’s voice was heard and I wondered with the characters : Is that okay?

Then, to sidestep the problem of showing his form, the protagonists decide to put him in a bear costume. This, readers, is Muhammad from South Park :

The irony is that South Park has earlier run episodes showing Muhammad, but well before 9/11 and its related events. Radical voices got louder since then, to a point where Comedy Central refused to run a South Park episode featuring Muhammad in 2006 — years after running similar episodes.


As expected, the creators have received threats from radical groups.