I feel sorry too, that we have lost a minister who was more transparent than Mandakini. But that being said, I wouldn’t defend him or his role in the IPL saga without having even a quantum of information (take that, Dee-quack Chopra).  I am amused by the online petitions and Facebook groups. Most individuals seem to have self-selected themselves as supporters because the guy is well-educated and uses Twitter.

Cybermedia has a story on the reaction of netizens to his sacking. (I don’t know what Cybermedia is, but bear with me for a moment.) One supporter who is very angry with the way things have turned out, says :

Mr. Tharoor….. We fall to rise…. And if falling makes you rise higher, I pray that you fall more often.

I mean, WTF ?

But to make up for it, the piece also says :

Interestingly, @flyyoufools has a different take on the issue. “Now that Tharoor is gone, all those news agency employees hired to keep a watch on Twitter will be fired.”

Except that I tweeted this, Saad re-tweeted it, but the folks at Cybermedia were clearly too tired to look through his tweet to see who wrote it.


(Cybermedia link via Saad Akhtar.)