I watched Insomnia some time back. It’s a well-made thriller with good acting, but the only reason I wanted to see it : It is set in Alaska. Insomnia is based in Nightmule, Alaska, but wasn’t shot in Alaska. I was shot in British Columbia, Canada. However, Christopher Nolan brings Alaska alive in the movie.

Alaska is one of the strangest places on earth. I say it because I don’t think any place I have been to, or I will visit, will compare to Alaska. It is beautiful; it has mountains; it is cold — a combination that is not unique. Combine that with the extreme northern latitude, and things turn weird. It is not good weird or bad weird, just strange weird.

If you haven’t been to Alaska (and if it is possible for you), you must visit. Not for the most popular locations, not for Patel-snaps, not to narrate stories (as I am doing here), but just to observe nature and experience it. Even better — go alone. That is the only way to experience anything of consequence.

Or watch Insomnia (or my other personal favourite, Into The Wild) to get an idea of what the place is like.


I would’ve liked to go there all by myself, but the only time I went, it was in a group. In my defense, I was sufficiently aloof during that trip for me to not regret it.


There is a line in the movie :

There are two kinds of people in Alaska: those who were born here and those who come here to escape something.

Perfect; I just don’t know why that is though.