Two Indians summited Mt. Evererst yesterday. ToI reports :

On top of the world, in 10 hours.

That’s 10 hours on the final day, and doesn’t count the 8 days it took from the base camp. On similar lines, one could argue that it just takes one second to climb Mt. Everest — it’ll just take days of climbing and months of preparation to get to that second.


This unique feat, which took them on a heart-pounding eight-day climb from Base Camp to summit, made them the first all-Bengali civilian team to conquer the world’s highest mountain.

From the expedition line-up, it seems like one of the conditions of the expedition was being Bengali. This, I don’t get : What could be the motivation to be an all-Bengali team to conquer the Everest?

The only reasons I can think of are : superiority complex of the tribe or an inferiority complex. Since they were Bongs, I might lean towards the former — not to suggest in any way that Bongs are smug, but just that I don’t see any reason why they should feel inferior. They have some of the most talented musicians, gifted artists and heaviest actresses.


This reminds me, I’d read some time ago about an all-Gujarati Mt. Everest expedition being planned.

The expedition is blocked by research on sub-zero temperature ready-to-eat thepla and dhokla mixes.