Varun Gandhi is back:

“When the BJP will form a government in UP under the leadership of Surya Pratap Shahi (new BJP state chief), we will remove all statues of Mayawati and install that of Shri Ram,” the Pilibhit [ Images ] MP said at a function to welcome the state president at party headquarters.

The problem in U.P. is not whose statues are installed, but that statues are installed.


As I pointed out in an earlier post, I am not sure if BJP is the better alternative. I can’t generalize, but voices like Varun Gandhi’s are the reason why a few friends did not vote for the BJP. Now Varun Gandhi is a fringe element in the BJP and may not be representative of the entire party (or he might even be).  One could also allege the media bias against Varun Gandhi for the disproportionate coverage given to his crazy quotes. But you cannot take away the fact that the guy exists, for real, and makes the statements attributed to him.


For the statues’ sake, I hope they don’t have hands.