This is bizarre :

ABU DHABI // An 18-year-old Emirati woman has been charged with having sex outside of wedlock after reporting that she was raped by six men, Abu Dhabi’s Criminal Court was told yesterday.

[..] The woman and one of her male Emirati friends, HA, went for a drive in his vehicle on May 2, prosecutors said. The charges allege that because she had agreed to be in the car, the two had, therefore, met to have sex. According to court records, HA, 19, called five of his friends – four Emiratis and one Iraqi – and invited them to join him.


Adultery is not a crime and shouldn’t be one, and yet it is in many countries.

In a recent discussion with friends, I argued that adultery wasn’t a crime in India because that would be outrageous. As it turns out, I was wrong. Adultery is a crime. But wait, it gets better : Only a male can be accused of adultery.

Amit Varma has an old post on adultery and the Indian Penal Code.