Spiritual leaders often prefixed their name with a Sri.

Ravi Shankar saw that and raised it to two — Sri Sri Ravi Shankar. (With the Padma Shri, he is now Padma Sri Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, but that’s for another day)

I visited a temple recently (of course, there is a backstory). Temples in the U.S. have as many deities and photo-frames (of spiritual gurus and godmen) as they can fit. It helps attract a wider audience. So that’s where I saw a photograph of Viswamji, who upped the ante to three — Sri Sri Sri Viswayogi Visvamji.

Imagine being a follower of Ravi Shankar and then discovering a guru with 3 Sris. They must feel like bad, no?


As for me, I’m waiting for someone with 4 Sris. That’s my guru. He’ll totally pwn everyone else.

I’ll even get a t-shirt made that says My Guru Strongest.