If you were raised in India in the 90s, chances are you know this song:

With lyrics like

First time dekha tumhen hum kho gaya
Second time mein love ho gaya
Ye akkha India jaanata hai hum tumpe marta hai
Dil kya cheez hai jaanam apani jaan tere naam karta hai

one can argue that it was meant to be timeless.

The stanza continues the awesomeness where the protagonist chronicles the travails of his pursuit for his love:

Tere se marriage karne ko main Bombay se Goa aaya
Lekin tere daddy ne mujhko red signal dikhalaaya
Father se tere kya lena mujhe
Tu chaahe mujhako main chaahun tujhe

Say what you want about the song, you cannot deny its addictive tune. It is one of the few songs of Kumar Sanu that I can hear without cringing. Another fine example of his singing is Su Su Su Aa Gaya Kya Main Kya Karoon from Tarazu (oddly enough, I can’t find its video online).


While on a frivolous note, has there been a finer effort at singing in English, in the history of mankind, compared to S.P. Balasubramanian in Ek Duje Ke Liye?

Don’t you tell me the words aren’t beautiful:

Aai don noo vaat you say
But aai vant to dance and play
I vant to play the game of lowe
Aai vant you yin the name of love
Naat here there up yin the skaai
Come with me, aai vant to flaai
Don’t staap let the whole world know
Come faast come faast, don’t be slow
Lowe yis fast, life yis slow.