The past few weeks we’ve had the record for youngest person to scale the Everest broken twice. First, by 16-year old Indian Arjun Bajpayee, and a few hours later, 13-year old Jordan Romero.

Interestingly, Nepal has a minimum age limit of 16 and Jordan had to sneak into the Everest region via China (Tibet). As news of Jordan’s record broke out, China revised its rules: They now have a minimum and maximum age limit for climbers attempting Everest : 16 and 60 respectively.

So to attempt Everest from the Chinese side, you have to be over 16 or under-16 with a fake Chinese passport (à la gymnastics, Olympics ’08) or Shahid Afridi.


I’m not sure if I agree with the rule, but it sure will ease the pressure of Indian American kids, whose parents are now looking for new avenues to showcase their kids’ talents. The Spelling Bee, of course, has now been conquered beyond doubt. Winning it isn’t even a praiseworthy feat now.


How many years do you have before you can use the rules as an excuse for not climbing Mt. Everest?