On a lighter note, this news piece:

Pak ‘spy’ pigeon caught on border, police suspect ISI hand.

Police suspect that the pigeon, which landed in Indian territory, may be on “special mission of spying” and might have been pushed by Pakistan intelligence agency ISI.

The pigeon is being kept in an air conditioned room which is being guarded by policemen. A medical examination of the bird was carried out by the doctor from the state animal husbandry department.

After the recent killing of two Pakistan-based terrorists in a gunbattle in Gurdaspur district, special instructions were issued to border inhabitants to report anything suspicious to the police, the SHO said.

Chahal said he has been asked by his seniors not to leave the police station or to proceed on leave until the fate of pigeon was decided.

The number ‘303-6284620’ was written in red on the pigeon’s feathers along with a rubber stamp – Islamabad Wazirabad-Pakistan.

Chahal said they suspected that the pigeon must have landed on Indian soil from Pakistan with a message, which has not be traced so far.

The SHO said that Pakistani pigeon are easily recognisable as they have a “different look”.

“There are five to six families on Indo-Pak border village that have keen interest in keeping pigeons in their houses. They have told us about the difference between Indian and Pakistani birds,” he said.

It could be true, but that doesn’t take away the fact that it is funny as hell.

And if it is true, charge the damn pigeon, I say.