*Spoilers ahead*

Rajneeti was a strange experience. It didn’t feel like a bad movie while watching it, but it didn’t feel like a great movie either. I am stuck somewhere in between the two, leaning towards good.

My issues with the movie that stop me from saying it is a great movie:

1. Every now and then, there would be an uncomfortable incident : The Naseruddin-Nikhila Trikha rain scene at the start; the Ajay Devgan-Nikhila Trikha confrontation; the scene where Ranbir Kapoor agrees to marry Katrina; the one, later, where he decides that Arjun Rampal should instead marry Katrina. Too many for comfort.

2. The movie has definite parallels with the Mahabharata, but I would have preferred an undercurrent, rather than an explicit parallel. The problem occurred when these parallels were clearly forced into the narrative. For instance, the Nana Patekar-Ranbir Kapoor Bhagvad Gita scene. It didn’t make any sense, because by that point, everyone had killed plenty of unarmed people. So Ranbir hesitating at the climax was out of place.

3. Inconsistent characters: Ranbir, out of nowhere, turning into a mastermind. His character’s interaction with Katrina’s, which never seemed coherent right till the last scene.

On the other hand, there was plenty going for the movie:

1. Pace : This made all the difference, because I couldn’t notice many flaws while watching the movie.

2. Acting : I immensely enjoyed the scenes where Ranbir Kapoor and Nana Patekar were on-screen together. It is tough to describe their relationship, but they had brilliant chemistry. Most actors did well, but they could only go as far as the flaws in character. There were some weak links, but they didn’t get much screen time.

3. Story: I liked the story, and that’s subjective.

In all, if a movie is an experience, Rajneeti is good. But if a movie is something more than that, this movie has problems.


You’d think they’d bury Ranbir’s American girlfriend instead of cremating her.


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