Episode One is up for viewing and download (free).

The only song I loved was Abida Parveen’s Ramooz-e-Ishq (video below). It is wonderful. Period. I’ll take this opportunity to also claim that Sufi music is one of the most useful things to come out of religion. Ever.

Zeb and Haniya are back too, although I didn’t like their song Bibi Sanam. It is based in Raag Bhairavi. The thing with Bhairavi is that it can sound pedestrian unless careful. For instance Mile Sur is a fine example of what can be done with Bhairavi. Bibi Sanam, to me, is what shouldn’t be done with Bhairavi. But to each his own.

The other three songs are passable.

So that’s one song that I’ll be carrying with me for a few years, and 4 others that I won’t be hearing much. Good enough, but I expect a lot more from Coke Studio.


I hear Episode Two will be stunning, from sources close to Coke Studio. It’s really just Xeb, but I like that description better.


Abida Parveen:


P.S.: I don’t remember who had a crush on Saba (who provides backing vocals on Coke Studio) but if you are one of them, sources close to Coke Studio confirm that they are close to Coke Studio performers.