We all hate others’ who make money. In that respect, we’re all part-Punekars (for reference, read translation of a Pu La Deshpande essay). More recently, since the recession of 2008, CEOs have been the favoured punching bags. Let’s face it, they make money. Far more than others. And we don’t like it. Period.

CNN-IBN reports:

Sony loses billions, but CEO mints millions.

It reeks of — to put it simply — stupidity. To give a perspective, 1 billion = 1000 million. And from the article, it seems like the CEO made 1/80 th of the total losses.

A CEO can make or break a company. So it is reasonable that companies compensate them fairly. Can we please leave it at that?


Companies that were bailed out by a government, and continue to pay millions of dollars in bonuses are a subject of debate. Not the bonuses per se, but why a government bailed them out in the first place.