40 percent of Americans believe Jesus will return by 2050.

In their defense, most of these people will be dead by 2050. We can expect the collective intelligence of mankind to increase when that happens.

I don’t know if the concept of incarnation exists in other religions. It exists in Christianity where they call it Jesus’ second coming, which also proves that Jesus is female. It exists in Hinduism, where the Kalki avatar is expected any moment. This was amusing in the 90s when I used to visit Tamil Nadu. The Kalki fever was at its peak: Every street had a Kalki avatar, or atleast someone claiming to be one. I hope they aren’t around anymore.

As for Islam, I’m curious what would happen if the Prophet himself incarnated. Is it a tauba tauba for him to take form, even if it is the Prophet himself? And how messed up would it be if some fundo declared a fatwa on him?


If any god of any religion incarnates in human/godlike form, I would feel sorry for the followers of all other religions. On the other hand, imagine dying and discovering that Jesus was the only god all along — and all those comments you made about Christianity, those gay friends you had, those abortions you supported on Twitter, etc. are going to cost you dearly now.

Which is why I recommend being an equal-opportunity offender. If Jesus met me after death, I’d just pass on the URL to my blog, where I’ve offended every religion. Surely that’ll earn me some brownie points.


Or you might just die and not see or experience anything because, well, you’re dead.