Disclaimer: I am not plugging any technology or product. And I won’t provide a full disclosure.

David Pogue of New York Times spoke at Ted Med 2009 on the topic Can The iPhone Save Your Life? It has classic David Pogue humour, and *spoiler alert* the answer is yes. He showcases a few medical iPhone apps from the App Store and here is one that totally blew me away, for sheer simplicity and imagination:

The app is called Period Tracker. Women can mark when their periods start, and it tracks and predicts when the next one will start. It also tells you when you’re fertile, and you can record what side-effects you’re having. You can also select how you feel, from 12 different moods.

But this is where it gets brilliant: It has wireless syncing with Period Tracker Companion for Men : All the information entered by the woman, is sent to her spouse’s iPhone. This let’s them know when they have to be extra nice.

Don’t you tell me this isn’t brilliant!