It started when Joel Stein wrote a piece in Time called My Own Private India. Tried too hard to be funny, bad writing.

Group blog Sepia Mutiny — really just one person named Anna — decided it was unfunny and racist. Didn’t even try to be funny, wasn’t funny, bad writing, but probably wasn’t racist. I couldn’t read beyond a few paras, so my judgement could be wrong. She might have ended up praising Joel Stein. From what I hear, that didn’t happen.

Twitter was outraged, as it usually is whenever such things happen and you have so many jobless people around.

Wall Street Journal sees the outrage on the internet, and mercifully compiles all offendees’ reactions in one single post. If you were offended too, use this link to find your fellow offendees. Don’t forget to thank WSJ. And me.

Another post on Sepia Mutiny is up, which starts with the question: Was the original post just unfunny or racist? The author concludes it is racist (duh!) and writes a fine thesis on the history of racism, or something like that.

Veteran blogger Greatbong has his own take. Not unexpected.


There was one voice of reason: Gaurav Sabnis.


Me? I hate Joen Stein with a vengeance — for starting this avalanche. I had an opinion on the original piece. Now I don’t remember what it was. I just want the outrage and counter-outrage and counter-counter-outrage to stop.

Can we stop it?


OK, pretty please?


Perhaps Govinda can convince you guys to stop: