The blog was hacked. The previous post wasn’t by me. This one is. Blogging has resumed now.

I have plenty of hikes and trips planned over the next 3 months, and most of my weekends are going to be busy (such as the one that went by, when I was scheduled to resume blogging — according to the hacker, of course). But I’m going to try and squeeze in posts on weekdays.

I spend most of my spare time on Twitter. Twitter isn’t as fulfilling an experience as writing, but it is a lazy alternative. Not much conversation can happen on Twitter; it is just smart-alecky wisecracks. A couple of days on Twitter without blogging, and I long to blog.

I opened my blog after many days today. Inspite of what some of you think, I really like the new design.

If you have any links to interesting news, please pass them on.



Meanwhile, how’ve you been?

Don’t answer.