Close to a decade after the 9/11 attacks, a mosque will be constructed at Ground Zero — or so news reports say. Many have opposed the move, none so strongly as Sarah Palin — who also invented a word in the process, but that’s for another daye (see, I can do it too).

Building a mosque — even though one might intend it to be a symbol of peace — vindicates the stand of terrorists in a twisted way. It is something that would please me, were I a terrorist. And given how scared some Americans are of Muslims in general, there will be opposition to the idea.

Therefore, instead of wasting time on that idea, I propose some alternatives that won’t vindicate anyone’s stand and are guaranteed to offend many:

1. Strip club – no brainer.

2. Center for Cartoons. You can specialize in drawing cartoons of Prophet Mohammed.

3. Location for Miss Muslim USA pageant. Nothing gets to terrorists as much as fashion shows.

4. Center for atheist studies.

5. Center for religious conversions. A one stop shop to convert from any religion to any other (except Hinduism : it isn’t technically a religion)

6. Hooters.

7. Gladiator-style arena where followers of different faiths can fight it out .. like real men do.

If you have any other suggestions that will offend, please share.

Oh, the facts? It’s not a mosque, it’s an Islamic community center with a mosque. Two blocks away from Ground Zero.