I can’t believe I’m inflicting this on my readers. This is Chetan Bhagat’s latest offering for the Times of India, in which he has some solutions for the Indo-Pak problem:

The political parties and the Pakistani people may also have some anti-India sentiments but one can work around that. India can actively provide aid to all major Pakistani political parties in exchange for the peace agenda being included on their manifesto. That will mean whoever comes to power is pro-India. We can expose Pakistanis to what India is all about — a fast-growing, democratic, free country. We have a far stronger media. Every Indian channel should be made free-to-air in Pakistan, with signals strong enough to ensure they reach everyone there. The more India they see, the less likely they are to hate us or get swayed by hate speeches. India can take affirmative initiative, such as scholarships for Pakistani students, making sure they are advertised heavily in order to create a better image of India in Pakistan.

I won’t comment on the writing. For all the mockery that is made of his writing, it clearly works for millions of his readers. I have no problem with that. He admits too, that he is not the best writer around. Peace.

However, I have several issues when he pens a piece on geopolitics. Even folks well versed with politics fail at geopolitics. That it is not Chetan’s arena is obvious.

But I don’t see how he is okay with being reduced to moronic levels of intelligence. Voluntarily.