This September 11th is the ninth anniversary of the twin tower attack. To commemorate it, some dude has called for a Quran burning day. He presumably is of the view that the Quran is a dangerous book and the cause of most Islamic fundamentalism — a la Geert Wilders.

An “Award winning independent Canadian journalist” by the name of Naheed Mustafa tweeted this: taliban in Amreeka!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’m sorry, but this is nothing like the Taliban. I’ll give you that this event is in bad taste, but it doesn’t infringe upon anyone’s rights. I would have no problems with the Taliban too if they were fundamentalists sitting in caves. They are a menace because they infringe upon others’ rights.

Most folks have no idea what rights really are, so I’ve heard this argument: By burning our holy book, they are infringing upon our religious rights.

One, religion is not a right, it is a freedom. Second, burning one’s holy book does not infringe upon any right. If it did, then I could argue that atheists — just by existing — infringe upon everyone’s religion by challenging it. Or to make matters simpler, a Hindu, by existing, challenges the authority of a Muslim’s religion. And so on.