1899,  3566, 10000, 27000 and 87,000.

This is the sequence of estimated cost of organizing the Commonwealth Games (in crores). It was Rs. 8900 crores during the bid; now it is believed to cost a staggering Rs. 87000 crores. In case you still don’t realize, it is your money being spent — with no tangible returns.

Link via @rameshsrivats.

Caravan Magazine has an insightful piece on Suresh Kalmadi and his handling of the CWG. The money quote is by Rajaraman, a former basketball player, now in the Commonwealth Games Organizing Committee:

“Are you telling me that the prime minister is not getting a cut out of all the big deals, or the Congress party? Or when the BJP was in power, it was not taking a cut? It’s become a norm in our country. It’s legal. All contracts are written now with a ten percent agent commission. It’s not illegal anymore…so the longer I delay, the better for me.”


I, like Mani Shankar Aiyar, will be glad if the games fail miserably. I’ll cut the rant short, and instead just tag this post ‘Stuff the government does that it shouldn’t be doing’.