More skeletons are tumbling out of the CWG closet (which incidentally they paid Rs. 1 lakh for).

Chairs for Rs. 8000, treadmills for Rs. 10 lakh a piece. These are rentals, not purchases.


Having a nosy media helps at times — and they’ve clearly smelt blood here. God help Kalmadi.


My comment from yesterday (where I wished the Commonwealth Games would fail) received some feedback. I was told it would be unfair on all the volunteers and workers who have worked hard. National pride too was involved in CWG. I stand by my comment. The government has no business spending obscene sums on something that has no tangible returns for taxpayers whose money it is. Even if it were a spotless clean event, I wouldn’t be convinced.

National pride is an interesting angle. As the event approaches, expect costs to soar higher as money is thrown at problems — It is a matter of national pride, after all. Would anyone of you be happy if India is embarrassed? No, right? (Kalmadi has already called Mani Shankar Aiyar an anti-national for his comment.)

The argument is a complete smokescreen: I’d be wary whenever a government official invokes national pride. It is always a cover for some larger issue.