No one beats the Pune cops at copping. For one, they pick and choose their battles. Finding the culprits of the Pune bomb blast is, like soooo 2009. They’re onto more important stuff, such as detaining 498 students for partying.

Yep, partying. It wasn’t a rave party; there was nothing incriminating recovered.

The reasons being given are: Loud music was played which disturbed villagers, permission wasn’t sought to serve alcohol in a party this big, permission wasn’t sought to organize a party this big. It seem obvious these are charges in hindsight given the embarrassing situation the cops found themselves in. And if at all someone was at fault, it was the organizer, not those who attended.


I was once this close to being detained by cops, for visiting a hotel which was open after 11 p.m. The funny bit is all customers were detained, but none of the hotel staff or management.


If you recall, Pune cops were the ones to ban girls from wearing scarves — because “terrorists wear scarves”.