If the sudden barrage of posts makes you wonder what the catch here is, I’ll save you some trouble: I’ll be gone for a few days this weekend on the biggest hike of this summer: The annual visit to Colorado. I’m trying to not keep any backlog of posts.

We plan to summit two 13ers and a 14er. The 14er is a challenging climb. I would’ve loved to embed snaps, but it would be a bad idea because my family reads this blog. It’s three days before we fly to Colorado, and the feeling I’m having now is exactly like the one before an important exam. The same weird feeling in the stomach; the same wait to get over with it. Being composed is more critical for a climb than it is for an exam. (The stakes are marginally higher, if you know what I mean.) It’s all in the mind. I take it you’re sitting on a chair as you’re reading this. Now imagine your chair is the edge of a cliff and there is nothing for a thousand feet below you. Now make that two thousand feet. That’s two hundred floors. Having fun?


The amusing part is that half of our group doesn’t know what we’re dealing with. We’ve withheld snaps of the most delicious part of our trek else they’d be in a similar condition.


Meanwhile, I’ll leave you with the toughest part of last year’s trek. I believe it is safe to release it now (click on the image for full-size):

The two tiny dots are my hiking partner and I.