This is WTF material from the Supreme Court:

Housewives, prostitutes, beggars clubbed in Census; SC upset

The Supreme Court has frowned upon the clubbing of `housewives’ with prostitutes, beggars and prisoners under the economically non-productive’ category in the Census, saying this betrayed the “totally insensitive” and “callous” approach of statutory authorities.

“This bias is shockingly prevalent in the work of Census. In the Census of 2001, it appears that those who are doing household duties like cooking, cleaning of utensils, looking after children, fetching water, collecting firewood have been categorized as non-workers and equated with beggars, prostitutes and prisoners who, according to Census, are not engaged in economically productive work,” Justice Ganguly said.

If anything, I’m surprised that prostitutes are considered to be economically non-productive. Whom does one have to sleep with to be given some respect?