Rajdeep Sardesai in a piece about Manmohan Singh:

The Kashmir crisis has festered since June, yet it took over two months before the prime minister publicly intervened. Even then, his response was tepid: a promise of jobs and the appointment of another committee indicative of a bankruptcy of ideas. On the Naxal challenge, the government’s stand ranges from uncertain to chaotic. When a Mamta Banerjee speaks out of turn in virtual support of the Maoists, the prime minister seems reluctant to rein her in. When a Jairam Ramesh collides with a Praful Patel over the much-needed second airport in Mumbai, the prime minister appears unwilling to exercise veto power.

When an A Raja finds himself discredited over serious allegations of corruption, the prime minister doesn’t appear in any hurry to seek an explanation or effect a ministerial reshuffle. When rotting foodgrains symbolize the inefficiency of Krishi Bhavan, there seems little urgency in enforcing accountability. And even the attempt to get the crumbling Commonwealth Games house in order appears to lack credibility: an ’empowered’ committee of secretaries is a classic ‘Yes Minister’ recipe for more confusion.

Valid points all. The way UPA 2.0 is faring, it would seem like they have very little chance of being back in 2014 — if we had a good option.