CWG website has some advice for travellers:

A peck on the cheek while greeting a female acquaintance is “just not done” when you are in India. Sole exception: Only if the acquaintance is a model or a beauty queen. Tourists should, however, discuss politics. Most Indians love to talk politics and ‘have an opinion on which they will not mind being contradicted’. But equally, visitors should avoid discussing religion.

Yes, talk politics. To get a conversation started, here are some keywords about Indian political parties that may help you. They may be slightly off the mark, but that’s fine: We don’t mind being contradicted. Here you go:

BJP – Muslim killers, Congress – Sikh killers, Shiv Sena – Muslim killers /Pakistan haters, MNS – North Indian bashers, Left Front- Idiots, BSP – Poor Exploiters, TNC – Headless chickens, DMK – f*ckers.