Since yesterday’s post invited some queries, here’s what’s up with me:

After the Colorado trip, it took me about 10 days to recover back to normal levels of fitness and energy. Last weekend, I led a group of 9 people to Half Dome. More than led, the right phrase would be ‘hung around so that they didn’t commit any mistakes that I could help them avoid on a difficult hike such as Half Dome’. I’ve been to Half Dome so many times now that I don’t think I’ll ever go again just for myself.

This weekend might be a visit to Mt. Tallac, to keep up my fitness levels.

And then the finale.


This is what I wrote in the new year’s post on 2nd Jan earlier this year :

I don’t have elaborate wish-lists and I hardly value materialistic things, so most of it is populated by places I want to visit or hike — both of which I usually manage within a few months of deciding. This year, I have Machu Pichchu on my list. I don’t know when or with whom, but I know I’m going. Of course, these are big words given I am in bed now and not keeping well. But a couple more days, and I should be back on my feet doing what I do best — making good use of the feet to run.


Peru, Machu Picchu and Amazon rainforest trip begins next weekend [mai-baap consulate approval pending]. I’ll be going alone, and this time people are freaking out a lot less than they did for the Ladakh trip — which is rather sad.

Peru will be a 12-day trip, after which I’ll get a weekend of rest to recover.


Back to the Colorado trip from earlier this month:

We were supposed to fly out on a Thursday evening from San Francisco to Denver, Colorado. The pilot got sick, and the flight was postponed. We received flying vouchers from the airline as compensation. So my hiking partner and I decided to do what any good hiker would do: Booked another trip to Colorado in September using the vouchers. The plan includes hiking a couple of 14ers near Maroon Lakes.

As things stand, just like last year, the hiking season might end on September 26th. Unless I decide to go ahead with the Grand Canyon rim-to-rim hike (details of which haven’t been finalized) or the Mt. Whitney trek in October (we didn’t get permits for summer, and permits are required only until September).

So it’s been a crazy summer as always, and will be so for atleast another month. It helps that my full-time job is demanding, but quite enjoyable.


That was about me, what’s up with you?