Greg Gutfield of Fox News announced that to counter the Ground Zero Mosque (a factually incorrect meme that has caught on), he will open a gay bar for Islamic men next to the mosque. I don’t think it’s a stunt. He seems serious about it.

If so, I welcome the move.

He has a right to do so, and heck: I don’t even think it’s in bad taste! (Gay men might disagree though, if he uses horrible color combinations.)


I’l go further and say I welcome any fight between religious groups. The claim that all religions are peaceful is hokum. Some religions are fine with infringing rights, more than others. And it’s the followers who decide what level of infringing rights and violence is tolerable.

A majority, in every religious group, do take offense. They want to protest. They’re just lazy to do so. A quick survey of all Hindus will show that a majority do take offense to nude paintings by M.F. Hussain. Ditto for Muslims and The Satanic Verses. Or Christians and The Da Vinci Code.

My theory is this: The ones who do protest die after living for 70 odd years, and the others are lazy to take over.


I still haven’t seen a fundamentalist Buddhist. They’re either the coolest of the lot, or the laziest religion on earth.

Link via Sadanand Dhume.