Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay are known as the first mountaineers to summit Mt. Everest. That was 1953. However, 29 years earlier, a mountaineer named George Mallory attempted to summit Everest. He did not return, and there has been endless debate and evidence gathering to prove or disprove that he summited Everest before dying.

Graham Hoyland, held the belief for over 30 years that he indeed summited. In a fascinating piece for The Independent, he gives all evidence collected over 85 years and his conclusion. Read it.

The debate is more interesting though. There are those who argue — which include Mallory’s son, John, and Sir Edmund Hillary — that a summit climb is complete only when one reaches back safely. I tend to agree.


Also read the Wiki page of George Mallory. Your day won’t be the same. Every time I read it, atleast mine isn’t.

Link via Nilanjana Roy.