I noted in a post yesterday that forcing theatre owners is fundamentalism.

Today, this report comes:

Despite all the sound and fury created by the Shiv Sena and the MNS over multiplexes failing to screen Marathi films, the first-day, first-show of two films-`Paradh’ and `Navra Awali Baiko Lovely’-failed to garner a response from Mumbaikars. TOI visited many multiplexes across the city on Friday only to find that even matinee and evening shows were running to near empty halls. In some cinema halls, audience count was as low as four, while the maximum attendance was 66.

So much for forcing theatre owners to screen Marathi movies. All they got were empty theatres. As much as Marathi cinema is improving, a majority of the movies are still rubbish, and stuck in the Lakshmikant Berde era. Much of Hindi movies are rubbish too, but atleast viewers show up to watch them.

Here’s my solution:

Anyone who is serious about supporting Marathi cinema should organize screenings. I’d much welcome if the MNS and Shiv Sena headquarters were used to screen Marathi movies than hatch cunning plans.

In an extreme case on conspiracy theory that theatre owners don’t want to screen Marathi cinema and want to kill it, the legal and constitutional option is to organize boycotts of such cinema halls.

Before the Sainik readers jump to their feet: No, in a boycott you cannot have goons outside the theatre to deter audiences from visiting.

And last: There must be no rule governing what content a theatre owner shows on his private property.

Link via @rameshsrivats.