A beautiful piece by Deepak Ram:

The raag sounds like Hamsadhwani with some accidental notes. After much discussion, I think it is indeed based on Hamsadhwani, which is likely why the tune captures one’s attention in few seconds.

I thought I’d tweet about this song, along with a smart-alecky comment such as ‘No other raag captures _ _ _ as well as Hamsadhwani’. I spent more than an hour coming up with the exact word to fill that blank; the exact feeling that describes Hamsadhwani. I didn’t come up with one, and that is why it was made into a blog post.

Each one of us interprets raagas differently. My perception of Hamsadhwani is a combination of something auspicious with a hint of divine. I know for a fact that many bhajans of Lord Ganesh that I’ve heard are based on Hamsadhwani. And there seems to be some link between the songs I’ve heard that were based on Hamsadhwani and my perception of Hamsadhwani.

The analogy however does not apply to raag Desh. Most songs based on Desh, that I’ve heard, have been patriotic. And yet, I associate Desh with the mountainous countryside of India. I don’t know why.

Link via Bandra Girl.