On the subject of institutionalization by society, some links:

Bringing honesty to writing is hard. Amit Varma does it well in Society, You Crazy Breed.

His piece, in turn, was inspired by Ta-Nahisi Coates’ post at The Atlantic, another honest piece.

A church called for a National Facebook Fast day on Aug. 25th. Their video. (Don’t judge it by my description; it is really good.) The video also proves that anything with good background music is convincing.

If you have ever felt that you ‘wanted to get away from everything’, you might identify with the pieces. It is easier to ‘get away from everything’ if you visit a place with the solitude you seek, but it is also possible to get away from everything living your routine life.


The common theme is: There is a problem with society. Society works in most cases for most people. For some, it doesn’t work at all; for the rest, it doesn’t work at times.

OR, there is a problem with the way we interpret society — which is the more likely answer.


On a tangential note: social media. Twitter/Facebook and other social media is built around our inherent need to share. It doesn’t matter whom information is shared with, as long as it is shared. Our friends/followers might not even react to our updates, but we already earned the reward when we posted an update. I won’t pass a judgement: To each his own. But speaking for myself — and this is as succinct as I can put it — anything that has hints of institutionalization by society, makes me uncomfortable. And I try to stay away. Indeed, I’m uncomfortable being in a society or group.

That is why I prefer not to attend weddings or any social function (It’s not because they are boring or disingenuous).