Back in Colorado. Another hike. Blogging break through Monday.


In the meanwhile:

I know many parents read this blog (for the parenting tips): Can someone reckon why Indian kids make the most noise on a flight?

A little girl made the flight to Colorado miserable for all passengers yesterday with a sweet combination of crying, wailing and general yelling. I was half asleep, but was so sure she was Indian that I didn’t even bother to strain my neck to see who it was. And I’m pretty sure she was the reason the captain landed our flight 15 minutes before time.

Of course, as is Murphy’s Law, she was fast asleep minutes after the flight landed. Because she was asleep, she also looked adorable. The parents, while they remained seated for the rest of the passengers to alight, had this wonderful look of helplessness, embarrassment and ‘We’re not fit for this job’ realization.

My question: Is there something special Indian parents do to get such behaviour out of their kids?

Please let me know. I’d like to do the same to my kids.