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Ten Bollywood movies Obama should watch.

Thanks Rediff.

Update: And just like that, Rediff ups the ante: A list of dares for Mrs. and Mr. Obama must attempt while in India.


Other tasks we should take upon ourselves as true Indians:

1. Find the gotra and caste of Obama — just for our information.

2. Make sure Michelle and Barack don’t belong to the same gotra. If they do, I’d keep them away from Haryana.

3. Find good-boys-from-good-families for his teenage daughters.

4. Convince Michelle and Barack to have another child .. this time a healthy, fair, boy.

5. Organize a meeting with Ambi Mama so Obama can seek advice on how to run America.

6. The Leftists are all set to heckle Obama’s speech in the parliament. CCTVs must be used to monitor the rest of the MPs so that they don’t touch themselves during his speech.

7. Arrange for an appearance on Bigg Boss 4.

8. After the Democrats big defeat in mid-terms, only Rakhi can give him Insaaf.