The Dalai Lama was at Stanford recently for an annual lecture named Harry’s Last Lecture on a Meaningful Life. Do watch the video:

I haven’t thought through everything he said, and it’ll likely take a few weeks. He made some interesting deductions (such as the relation between compassion and humans as social animals) which seemed to follow a proper logical path when he spoke. But I’m certain even he’d want us to think for ourselves before accepting it.

He seems to have a genuine curiosity about ‘morality without religion’, and whether it is possible at all. His idea is right : If we tie morality to religion, it ceases to be universal. But so far, I don’t think he or anyone of us has the perfect answer to that question. Researchers (such as Sam Harris, and some others he quoted) are investigating, but spiritual leaders seem to think it is not possible — even the ones I’ve personally asked.

Having said that, the Dalai Lama is always agreeable (even for an atheist) because he marks his territory clearly — philosophy, not religion.