This is a great creation as an argument against the invasive screening procedures by the T.S.A. :

[Pro-tip: Even if India does get similar screening machines, please do not create such naked photographs of Bharat Mata. You will hurt the sentis and the mentals among Hindus.]

If I were gay and horny, I’d be looking at career opportunities with the TSA. If not, I believe I can still claim to be gay at the screening so I’d get a female TSA agent to grope me.

If I were a priest, I’d be flying all over the U.S. to spread the message of Jesus. Not for the groping, of course.

If I were a pedophile, I’d hope I was the one screening this 3-year old. And this. And countless others that haven’t made it to YouTube.

If I were Scottish, I’d go commando under a kilt (NNSFW).


On a serious note, I recommend opting out of the X-ray like scanner. The probability of getting cancer due to radiation from the scanner is just about the same as the probability of being killed by a terrorist on a plane. True story.

Opt for a pat down and ask for a private screening. Atleast that’s what I plan to do when I fly tomorrow (more on this coming in another post).


Ben Franklin quote: Those Who Sacrifice Liberty For Security Deserve Neither.


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